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Here in the Research section I keep my notes, libraries, links, and databases that I use to plan an execute my projects.

  • Finishing Notes
  • My Notes - Here we have assorted note sets on various topics, mostly not organized.
  • Norwegian Artifacts Photographed at Birka by Beth and Bob Matney 2006
  • Norwegian Artifacts Photographed at Gotland by Beth and Bob Matney 2006.
  • Norwegian Artifacts Photographed at the Swedish Historical Museum by Beth and Bob Matney 2006.
  • Theatrum Instrumentorum et Machinarum - A 1578 text on machines. Included are three lathes, a sawmill, and a handcart.
  • The Victoria and Albert Museum - In the course of my research into medieval woodworking I frequently ran across citations in books declaring "from the collection at the Victoria and Albert Museum, London." This led me to conclude, and rightfully so, that the Europeans were hogging all the cool medieval artifacts. Imagine my pleasure when I discovered this on-line database of high-resolution photographs of articles from the collection.
  • Antique Dealers - These antique stores have well-illustrated on-line catalogues, which I have found to be an excellent resource for photographs.
    • Arteso - This web site is the catalog for a profession artisan that does medieval reproductions.  It is a departure from the cassone theme, 'cause I don't have a general woodworking theme yet.
    • - This is my favorite on-line antique dealer. They are located in England and are just dripping with medieval English furniture.
    • Marchamchurch Antiques is another English antique shop that is packed with gothic and Elizabethan furniture.
    • - French Accents is another antique dealer with an on-line catalog.  The merchant's specialty starts in the 16th century, but that does cover some of our period.  Like Huntington (above), when a piece is sold, it gets dropped from the web.
  • Other Woodworking Links Of Interest
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