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On Carving Tudor Era Wooden Spoons

This is my photo journal of my journey into the world of hand-carved medieval spoons.

First you take a tree . . .

Just kidding.  This is a thorn tree next to the woodworkers corner at the Lilies War. The tree we actually used had been down about ten days.

We'll begin, I think, with the Credit Where Credit is Due Department. I am a spoon novice. I am just a spoon novice with a digital camera and a web-design compulsion. So I get published more often than artisans who are, perhaps, more deserving.

This photoblog was shot at a class on spoon making by Lord Charles of Westermark, of the Kingdom of Calontir, whom I consider to be the go-to guy on wooden spoons in the SCA.

That said, we will continue . . .

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